He might use your words

I recently had a memory pop up on Facebook about the #itsoktotalk posts that were happening around the place this time last year. The memory that popped up was asking the question of why the onus has to be on others to talk, that maybe there was also value in reminding people that #itsoktoask.

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch lately, so when I didn’t make it to church on the weekend it meant a lot to receive messages from two separate friends, just to say that they’d missed me.

Last year I posted the following….

What do we miss that we might see if we asked? Do we notice that the reason a classmate is absent is because they are sick? Do we notice the work colleague who is stressed not because of work, but because of things going on at home? Do we notice the friend who goes days without a reminder from anyone that they are valued? Do we notice the Facebook post that is someone asking for help and saying that things aren’t ok at the moment? Do we notice the pain that might be hidden behind someone’s smile? What do we miss?”

I knew the undertones to the messages these friends sent me Sunday night. They were checking to see if I was alright. They were providing an opportunity for me to reach out if I wanted or needed to. They were reminding me that I was important and valued and loved. Their action was one that would make it that little bit easier to say ‘I’m not ok’ if I needed to.

On my drive this morning I heard the following lyrics…

He might use your words to heal a heart that has been bruised
He might use your hands to rescue
He might use your whisper, maybe your smile
To tell somebody that they’re worthwhile
You might be the one He speaks through
~The One He Speaks Through, by Mandisa

I think these lyrics are a powerful reminder of a similar message, about the power that we can have when we check in on someone. But they are also a reminder that God can be in that interaction too. When a thought randomly pops into our head that we should message someone, that can be God asking us to. We might not know what that person is currently going through, but God does. And just maybe they are in need of a reminder that they are important and valued and loved.

I remember I was in a pit
And you prayed me out of it
I bet you didn’t even know that you
Were the one that He spoke through



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