Calling for help in the waves

I spent last night down at the beach. It probably wasn’t the best weather for it, given that it was quite windy, almost high tide, and the waves were big. I stood on the sand and watched a girl get knocked to her knees by the waves. On her knees her head was above the water but the waves were such that they crashed right over the top of her, and the gap between the waves was only enough for her to catch a breath, the waves wouldn’t let up enough to give her a chance to get to her feet. Between each wave her focus was on snatching that breath of air, and then seeing if she could stand, she never once yelled out for help.

It made me think about when it is that we cry out for help. Is it when we can see the waves come towards us, when there is a significant life event that we have no control over and that we know we need God’s help to get through? What about when we’ve fallen over, the adrenaline is racing, we are searching for an answer NOW, and we know that if we can just get to our feet things will be more manageable?

I was challenged to think that sometimes I forget to cry out to God in the intense, emotion-charged things that I feel I have control over. That I get too caught up in thinking about what I need to do to fix the situation, than to ask the ultimate problem-solver for help. That when its something I feel like I have control over I go it alone. It’s only when it’s things that are out of my control, when there are waves crashing over me that I cannot stop, that I turn it over to the one who is greater.

Last night, in a slightly bigger gap between the waves, the girl was able to get back onto her feet. The waves no longer had the same power over her and she was able to walk back to the safety of the sand. But she was exhausted from the effort of trying to stand up. I wonder whether we would be less tired if we put less effort into trying to do things on our own, and instead remembered to call to God for everything.


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