Don’t dig up in doubt

 Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith ~ Elisabeth Elliot

Yes yes yes!!! I don’t know whether I’ve shared this quote before, but there is just something about it. And it’s a reminder that I need regularly at the moment. I wrote about surrender and doubt the other day, and while I don’t doubt that God has a plan for me and everything that happens, not knowing what that plan is can be scary. And in those moments there’s the temptation to dig up the commitments I’ve currently got, the things I’ve said I’d do or be. To pull out of the study I’m doing, or the programs I’m involved in, or the work I do. But then I’m reminded that all those things were planted in faith, they weren’t just thrown onto a dirt pile to see what happened but they were planted in faith. And if it is planted in faith God will nurture it. And that gives me confidence to leave things planted, to trust the roots are growing and to wait and see what growth God nurtures out of it. So I just keep repeating to myself and reminding myself, don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith. 


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