What a father wants for his daughter

I posted this on my personal facebook page yesterday:

Overheard this conversation at work today. A dad had taken his ~12yr old daughter clothes shopping, but when it came time to pay the daughter became very conscious of how much her dad was spending. The dad reminded her that she’d said she didn’t feel comfortable in the tops she had at home, and (this is when my heart was warmed) that it was important she had some that she did feel comfortable in. He was a dad who was going to do whatever to make sure his daughter felt comfortable and confident.

This morning I was still thinking about it, but what it also must mean in regards to our heavenly father. If this father thought it a priority that his daughter felt comfortable and confident, how much more important must it be to our heavenly father that we, as daughters (and sons) of his, also feel comfortable and confident. That he mustn’t want us feeling self-conscious, beating ourselves up over things we’ve done, but feeling empowered by who he has made us to be.

I submitted my first major theological assignment/paper on Friday, and while I’m feeling relieved that I submitted something, I was also feeling disappointed in what I had written, doubting that it is any good and fearful of how I will go this year as I take a real leap of faith into a completely new area of study. But in reflecting this morning on the conversation I heard yesterday something just really struck me, that that’s not how God wants me to feel. He has made me who I am and wants me to feel confident in that. For as long as I’m listening to him and following him it’s not going to be a mistake. I can feel comfortable and confident in him.


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