A growing seed

As part of a message I sent to a friend last week was the statement ‘amazing to see how God works to change people into who he wants them to be’. And then the other day I read the following quote,

“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”
~Dinos Christianopoulos

I’m amazed when I look back and see what God has done and where he has been at work. In recent years I’ve had experiences that left me feeling buried, buried by health, stress, death, pain, hopelessness, fear, uncertainty. But God was there and using it all, even though I didn’t know it at the time.

A favourite picture book of mine is Lysa TerKeurst’s ‘It Will Be Okay’, about a Little Seed and a Little Fox and learning to always trust the Farmer (God).

“Little Fox, look up and see! It’s hard to believe what’s become of me. From the messy, dark place I grew and grew. From a seed to a tree – only the Farmer knew.”

Little Seed would not have grown into a tree if it hadn’t spent time buried in the dirt, in a dark and messy place. And ‘Little Seed was never supposed to just be a seed in a seed packet.’

God has bigger plans for us than what our current circumstances might be. But at the same time, whatever those circumstances are, good or bad, he is working in them and has plans for them too!! What others might mean for evil, God means for good (Gen 50:20). He is forever molding us into who he wants us to become, helping us grow into the tree he wants us to be.

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