The Art of Delegation

Some friends and family may not agree but I like to think that I can have a bit of a stubborn streak. The sort that means I won’t let health/circumstances/others telling me that I’m not good/strong/smart/capable enough stop me from doing something. I’m not always like this, but I like to think that I have my moments. And when it feels like everything is against me an attitude of ‘I’ll just do it on my own’ is also necessary.

Because of the nature of my coordinator/leader role this past week I often found myself being asked by the ‘top coordinators’ to do things, but it was only towards the end of the week did I truly come to understand and appreciate that when they asked me to move tables or setup a gazebo or give out Zooper Doopers they weren’t asking me to ‘just do it on my own’, but to find people suitable for the task and delegate it to them. To give the job of moving tables to some of the bigger males who weren’t doing anything, to give the Zooper Doopers to a leader who knew the names of all the kids, to call out to every leader in eyesight to help with finishing off a tray of cakes and donuts. My job was to learn to delegate, that I didn’t need to do it all on my own, and that there were other people better equipped to complete the tasks.

And I think God does that. Even though he could do things himself he knows what our skills and gifts and talents are and he delegates appropriate tasks to us. And if there is something he would like to delegate to us but that we aren’t quite ready for he equips us so that we are ready and capable. Then we can all participate and take part in his mission.

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