Holding God’s hand

I’m spending this week leading at a church day camp for primary school aged kids. Today was day one, and there were a few nervous kids, particularly those who are going into Reception this year.

I started this morning with one little Reception boy asking for my hand and holding on to it very firmly and needing a bit of reassurance while we played a game of ‘what other little boys have the same colour name tag’ (meaning they are also going into Reception this year).

And slowly, after we’d been playing the game for a while and I’d spoken to a few other boys with the same colour name tag I felt his grip relax just a little. And then we found a few more boys and sat down with them and his grip relaxed a little more. And eventually he let go of my hand and a couple of minutes later I left him sitting with some new friends.

It made me think, how often is that what we do with God? That when things are tough or scary we reach out for him and rely on him fully, but as things get easier and feel safer our grip relaxes, until we’ve let go and are off on our own.

How my little friend behaved this morning is exactly what I would have hoped for, that he would be comfortable enough that he no longer needed me. But that’s not what I hope for when it comes to ‘holding God’s hand’. I pray that I remember to always have a firm grip, that even when I feel comfortable I still need him there. I don’t ever want to let go of his hand.

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