Just be

Breathe, just breathe

Come and rest at my feet

And be, just be

Chaos calls but all you really need

Is to just breathe

(Breathe by Jonny Diaz)

I heard this song tonight as I was driving home from church. I would highly recommend listening to the whole song (here), particularly if life has been a bit crazy or stressful recently. Initially I was struck by the words ‘just be’. That reminder that we can stop fighting and just be present. That ‘chaos calls but all you really need is to just breathe’. That’s the power in the peace that God offers us and can give us. An extraordinary feeling of relief and release that we can sense when we stop, remember who God is and just rest in his presence. 

The words ‘just be’ also reminded me of something I read by Holley Gerth this morning, the idea of being an ‘is girl’ rather than an ‘it girl’. Often our world says that we need to have ‘it’ all together, that we need to be good at this and look like that. But an ‘is girl’ is about that idea of ‘just be’ and embracing who we are. An ‘is girl’ is a loved daughter of God. Despite what our chaotic world may be saying about us or to us or demanding of us, we can rest in God’s love and just breathe and just be. 


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