Story behind the purple flower

So, I’ve set up a facebook page to go with this blog. I’m not sure how much interaction it will have, but I thought it might be an easy way for people to know when new blog posts are up (if there is anyone interested in reading my ponderings…). Feel free to pop over and like it.

But today I thought I would share the story behind the purple flower that is on the page. Each of the five petals of the flower is a love heart, the bottom of the hearts pointing inwards and the top bursting outwards. And the idea of a flower made from hearts was inspired by one little girl at the first Messy Church I attended, just before Christmas last year.


Messy Church, for those who don’t know, is a way of doing church for families that includes interactive/creative activities, worship and a shared meal. I attended my first ever Messy Church at the end of last year to help with one of the activities, and it wasn’t lost on me that they gave the messiest craft to the newbie!! My job was to fold paper toilet rolls into hearts that we then used as stamps to dip in paint and create our own Christmas wrapping paper.

Each of the kids who gave it a go had their own style, stamping hearts randomly, or in horizontal or vertical lines, or to form words. Some kids even had multi-coloured hearts, by dipping the stamp in more than one colour paint! And one little girl, after a practice piece of paper, used the stamp to create flowers. She asked me to help do some of the flowers too. And she just pottered, wasn’t doing it with any siblings or parents watching but was just fully immersed in the task, completing it with love and care, making particular choices about what colour the next flower should be.

And so the profile pic is simply a reminder of that. A reminder to put love, care and attention to detail into everything. That love and joy can be hidden in things where we might not expect it. That love and beauty and nature all go hand in hand. That depending on how we approach things love can burst out, and be shared with others.


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