When God says jump…

I wonder what your response is when God says jump. Do you just jump? Or do you start asking questions – how high, how many times, in what direction, for how long?

I’m a details person, I like to know what’s happening, what the plan is, how its going to happen etc., so its probably not a surprise that more often when I sense God saying ‘jump’ my response is one of ‘sure, but…’. I want more details before I fully commit.

I was reading the story of Moses and the burning bush (Exodus 3 & 4) in a children’s bible this morning, and Moses definitely wasn’t ready to just jump at what the Lord was asking of him. God asked Moses to go to Pharaoh, and Moses responded with a string of questions – who am I to do it? What should I say? What if they won’t listen to me? What about my trouble with speaking (my weaknesses)?

I can so relate to how Moses responds, and I was surprised to remember how God then responds to Moses’ questions. After each question God reassures Moses that He will be with him, that He is mighty and powerful, that He has a plan, that He made Moses and would help him. It was only when Moses pleaded for God to send someone else that God became angry, but even then God didn’t abandon Moses but provided an alternative way, using Moses’ brother Aaron to speak.

I find that encouraging, that whether I ask the questions directly or not, God’s response will always be that He is with me, He is mighty and powerful, He has a plan, He made me and will help me. And if its His will, He will equip me in whatever way is necessary. I can ‘jump’ without needing to ask for that reassurance, because I know that God has already given it to me.



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