New year, new blog…

So I might be a little early if this is a new year’s resolution, but I’ve done a thing…. I’ve started a blog!!! Without being too sentimental and reflective 2016 has been a massive year for me. I’ve been on a bit of a ride of self-discovery, particularly understanding more about my identity as a daughter of God and just how much He wants me and loves me. And on paper 2017 looks to be a year of building on that, on continuing to listen to, surrender to and know that a great big God wants me, and the first of my planned new year’s resolutions is to document and share some of that journey and my ponderings.

In the Christmas story, after the shepherds visited Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the stable Luke tells us that ‘Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart’ (Luke 2:19). In day-to-day life I often see, hear and experience little things that I find myself treasuring up inside, pondering on what they might mean, and subsequently knowing God more through them. My prayer is that this blog might be a way to share some of those treasures.


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